Our Middle School

Grade 7 - Grade 9

Subject choices determine the field of study learners can follow once they complete school. If this is not properly done, they could find themselves unable to enter into certain higher or further education programmes. We assist our learners at the Senior phase to be well prepared for the FET Phase and which streams to follow

Karatekas across the National territory received awards during the fourth Limpopo Shinkyokushinkai Championship held at the Hans Van Rensburg Hall in Mokopane, Limpopo in September 2019. The youngest player, OLWAMI SIBIYA PROPERITY (12), a grade seven (7) learner at Metropolitan College Middle School Campus, received the top award after displaying his excellent Karate Skills in four matches with two knock-outs and two technical knock-outs. He achieved the first position in the under 30 kilogram male’s category. “I enjoyed the fights, though they were a bit tough. Keeping my sensei’s instructions and applying them on the field helped me to conquer in all the battles,” he said.

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