MR C Kouatcho

The Directors of Metropolitan Group of Schools, Mr & Mrs C. Kouatcho

Metropolitan College was established in 2002 by the Directors Mr & Mrs C. Kouatcho who realised the needs of:
Provision of quality education in a warm nurturing environment, friendly to the needs of working families;

The need to lay a strong foundation in English and Mathematical skills, consistently reinforcing our interdisciplinary approach to education.
To encourage students to expand their ideas through discovery activities, leading them to be better individuals and unique in their experiences

To achieve this goal, they looked at environmental factors and strategies to make their goal a success. By using a variety of teaching/learning strategies, teachers encourage high achievement, originality, problem solving, high-order thinking skills and creativity. Whole school provisions include in-class programs, accelerations, and gifted and talented children's camps, workshops and competitions such as Tournament of the Minds.

Learning Support Programs.

The Support Teacher Learning Assistance assesses the learning needs of individual children. This teacher assists classroom teachers in providing individual learning programs for children who are in need of additional support in developing their skills in literacy and numeracy.

Reading Recovery

Reading recovery is a specialist reading/writing program for children who are having difficulty in reading. A specialist Reading Recovery teacher supports children whose reading is below grade expectations and engages them in one to one intensive reading and writing lessons.

We also provide remedial lessons for challenging subjects to our learners.

Our Belief

We believe that students are unique individuals and need to develop socially, physically, emotionally and intellectual abilities, all of which are equally important for optimum growth and success, and that a child's education is immensely enhanced when parents, teachers, administrators and the community work co-operatively as partners in education.