We offer Grade 8 - Grade 12

We emphasize and encourage respect and responsibility to all learners. We encourage them to expand their ideas through discovery, activities leading them to better individuals and cooperatives in their experiences.

Academic excellence is our vision and pupils are in the hands of professionals who seek to guide each individual to fulfil his or her potential. There are firm structures in place to ensure that effective teaching and learning takes place, and that there is ample support available for pupils who are in need.

Grade 8 Orientation

Learners applying for Grade 8 are invited for an entrance test in English and Mathematics.

After a thorough marketing done by the school marketing Committee, Metropolitan College Swaziland succeeded in hosting 185 pupils from different schools in Swaziland and Mozambique for an Orientation week-end on July 29th – 30th 2017. During their stay in the school, the pupils got the opportunity to learn about the school Curriculum, they were able to meet and get to know our school educators and learners, and the pupils enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and the natural beauty of the campus and get to discover what makes Metropolitan College unique.

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Family Day Celebration

The Big walk (metro-family day), June 3rd 2017 was very successful. So many companies attended and trophies were awarded to the winners that participated in the day’s activities. This aspect has created a huge positive impact on the school’s marketing and fund raising committees for many years to come. Also, we would like to recognise the effort of the Tshaneni Police force, for the security they provided throughout the event. They also took part in the Soccer final and won the second Trophy. (The principal Mr Ibrahim Buba, the PTA chairperson Mrs Rosanne Fruhwirth and the Tshaneni Police after they won 2nd place in Soccer)

Learners touring Durban

Metropolitan college Swaziland learners went on a trip to the beautiful and exotic city of Durban on June 12th 2017 and came back on June 16th 2017. The trip was very educational and full of adventure.
During the trip, the learners enrol on a spirit of Adventure for the Leadership course and Team building; where they received lectures and experimental learning from activities such as rock climbing, rap jumping, raft building and racing, group dynamics and many more.

They also visited the Durban Ice Arena for a fun –filled day where they learn how to skate on ice.

Cultural Activities

In addition to its instinct value, culture provides important social and economic benefits. With improved learning and health, increased tolerance and opportunities to come together with others, culture enhances our quality of life and increases overall well being for both individuals and communities. It is as a result of the above mentioned reason that Metropolitan College Swaziland welcome cultural displays in celebration of Culture day at the school amphi- theatre on Wednesday October 18th 2017. To mark the event, the learners all proud of their origins were dressed in different beautiful colourful attires. They danced, sang and display their attires to all who were present.